One-Shot "Profits"

Дольф Волкофф
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Panel 1.

Director of a company is reading letters from clients.

First letter:

“Mr. Director,

We’re not very pleased with the quality of television sets manufactured by your company! Every year after the warranty period expires we have to go and buy a new one.

Please do something about this!

Your clients.”

The letter puts a smile on the director’s face.

Panel 2.

Second letter:

“Dear Mr. Director,

Five years ago we bought three lamps of your brand, and they’re still working just fine, even to this day.

Our compliments to all your employees for doing such a great job!

Best regards,

M. and E. Stievens.”

The director is reading through the letter with irritation.

Panel 3.

The director, with a scowl, picks up a telephone.

Director (into the telephone): Peggy, prepare the paperwork at once! We need to fire everyone in the lamps department. We’re losing profits!

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